Complete Detail

  • Hand vehicle wash and clay bar to remove pollution
  • Shampoo engine if necessary
  • Clean door, carpets, seats, trunk, doors, door jams, and windows
  • Treat rubber door seals
  • Clean wheels and bumpers
  • Dress tires and moldings
  • Polish outside by hand
Interior Detail

  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean all vinyl and leather treated with conditioner
  • Dash door jams, trunk, windows are cleaned
Exterior Detail

  • Wash vehicle, clay bar, and hand wax outside of vehicle
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
Small Pleasure Crafts

  • Clean interior, treating carpets and leather
  • Polish exterior, removing algae and dirt


Other Services

  • Cutpolishing
  • Paint Protection – sealant added by hand to exterior to protect from UV rays and road salt
  • Leather Conditioning – applied to interior leather seats to maintain their suppleness
  • Scotch Guard – sealant applied to carpets and fabric interiors to assist in material protection against stains
  • Ozonation for removal of bad odours
  • Decal Removal



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